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Our Story

At independent Living Care we work closely with individuals who have mental health issues and disabilities to achieve their NDIS goals and live an exciting life. The goal of Independent Living Care is to promote inclusion. This means to us that everyone matters and that everyone is accepted, included, and contributing to communal life.

We work with one person at a time to provide tailored support in a way that guarantees each person (and their family) has as much control over all parts of their lives as possible; this is what we call our self-directed model.

Independent Living Care recognises and acknowledges that we are servicing and living on traditional Aboriginal lands and we offer our respect and appreciation to all Aboriginal people.

Our Beliefs

We believe that persons with disabilities should be a part of the community and participate in it. This means that their best interests are served when they are encouraged to grow up in a family, attend a local school, participate in community activities with their peers, own a home, have strong relationships with family and friends, work and participate in community life, and have their civil rights protected.

Our Values


We recognise that each person is unique, and we go out of our way to meet and exceed their requirements and expectations. We have compassion for all people, respect each other fairly, civilly, and understand the necessity of professionalism in whatever we do.



Our dedication to justice, honesty, and dependability is reflected in our daily actions. Our commitments to clients and the community are unshakable.



We hold ourselves accountable for giving the finest service and assistance to all persons we assist by striving for personal excellence in everything we do. We work hard to create new, relevant, and practical solutions to satisfy the requirements of our clients, as well as to support one another.




Our service is delivered with love, compassion, empathy, and consideration on a personal, physiological, psychological, and biological level. We believe compassion helps us connect with people.


p: 1800 254 292



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