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Wellbeing is the ability to feel good and function effectively in all aspects of our lives.

We flourish when we feel and operate well on a constant basis and can successfully manage the pressures and obstacles we face. However, a person's physical and psychological well-being might change with time.


As a result, happiness may be measured on a scale of bad to excellent. Even though we generally evaluate our wellbeing as good, we may feel exhausted and fatigued on some days, resulting in dissatisfaction and failure to achieve our goals. On other days, we are energised, our physical health is excellent, and our mental health is excellent. This puts us in a good mood, and we're able to do all we set out to do.

Struggling to stay positive during difficult times?

1.Consider what you're thinking and how you're feeling. When you're anxious, irritated, or annoyed, take some time to observe what you're thinking. This might be challenging at times, so if that's the case, set aside some time later in the day to write down some of the most prevalent negative ideas that came to mind. Be truthful to yourself.

2.Make a counter-argument to your ideas. Look for evidence to see if the claim is true. We frequently make assumptions and use terms like "always" or "never" when this is not the case. The key to this stage is to question yourself, "How else could I look at this?" on a regular basis. Questions open up new options and offer us the freedom to select what we believe.

3.Replace the original idea with a more practical one. This might be the polar opposite of your original hypothesis. You could shift your perspective from a problem to a challenge or a learning opportunity.


Stretch Your Mind As Well As Your Body

If you're having problems relaxing or calming down, try some moderate exercise like yoga or tai chi. Gentle exercise might help you relax both mentally and physically.


 Relax Your Thoughts

Do this by listening to your favourite music or song, whether it's worship, a band, or a vocalist you enjoy. There has been a lot of study done to show that music may assist the mind relax and refocus.



Clean Up Your Thoughts And Body

 Many of us like to be in a clean, well-organized atmosphere. It's always a wonderful thing to be able to find what you're seeking! Have you ever considered how to simplify your mind and body, though? Jennifer Wolkin, a psychologist in New York, has  some tips  on how we may do this.

 We may shift our viewpoint by taking these little actions and confronting our pessimism and concern with realistic hope!

 Make a request for assistance! This might entail talking to a friend or family member, as well as your doctor, about seeing a counsellor or therapist, because talking about our difficulties has a significant positive influence.

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